Wk 15 – Art Experience – Design Thinking Applied to Life



As a graduating senior, I have thought about my future life A LOT the last few months. I will be graduating with a lot of school loan and credit card debt. And I don’t have a job nor do I have any prospects for post graduation. I quit my job a few months to work exclusively on reselling thrift store finds on eBay. While I am much happier, the debt and anxiety keeps racking up.

3 Possible Future Me’s

  1. Private Investigator: After graduation, I will get a job in San Diego working as a defense contractor private investigator with CACI. I will move in with my friend Danny, who I met while thrifting at Goodwill. I will take my dog Rocky with me and my boyfriend will be training for the military in San Diego as well. Part time, I will continue to sell on eBay for extra cash to pay off my credit card and school debt. I will do all the things I wanted to do.
    1. Year 1: Move in with Danny, work on eBay, pay off credit card debt. Save money. Buy a DSLR camera and experiment with photography. Have fun and be young.
    2. Year 2: Buy a new car. Get promoted. Continue to save money and pay off bills.  Have fun and be young. Take the trip to Europe that you always wanted.
    3. Year 3:  Get engaged. Get promoted again. Move out on my own because boyfriend will be training still. Have fun and be young. Take another trip to somewhere else.
    4. Year 4: Get married. Pay off ALL debt. Adopt more dogs. Start to have children. Have fun and be young. Take another trip.
    5. Year 5: Have more children. Buy a bigger house. Have fun and be young.
  2. 9-5 Office Job: After graduation, I will move back home to Bakersfield with my parents. I will get a full time job working at the County of Kern in some 9-5 departmental job. Part time I will try to sell on eBay still but I will be too tired after work. I will quit eBay and stop working out.
    1. Year 1: Move back in with parents. Find a full time 9-5 job. Move out into my own apartment. Adopt another dog. Volunteer at animal shelter again. Break up with long term boyfriend. Save some money but spend most of it. Pay off credit card and school debt slowly.
    2. Year 2: Meet someone new. Go out to clubs/bars every Saturday night. Date people. Start to save money. Continue to pay off debt.
    3. Year 3: Continue to pay off debt. Date someone seriously.
    4. Year 4: Move into my own house.  Adopt more dogs.
    5. Year 5: Get promoted. Adopt more dogs. Maybe take a trip to Europe like you’ve always wanted.
  3. EBAY SELLER & DOG MOM & PHOTOGRAPHER: After graduation, move to San Diego with my thrifting friend Danny. I will sell on eBay full time and take care of my dog. My boyfriend will join the military and train in San Diego while I live there. We will have a great relationship. I will pay off ALL debt overnight. We will eventually get engaged, then married, and I will no longer to sell on eBay at all. I will follow him wherever his orders move us to. I will stay at home and take care of the dogs. I will also become a foster mom for local shelters as well.
    1. Year 1: Move to San Diego with Danny. Sell on eBay full time. Take dog Rocky with me. Get engaged with my boyfriend. Plan extravagant marriage. Buy DSLR camera. Take trip to Europe.
    2. Year 2: Stop selling on eBay. Get married. Start photography company. Move in to house. Take a trip.
    3. Year 3: Become famous photographer. Adopt more dogs. Take a trip.
    4. Year 4: Purchase land for vacation cabin home in Montana. Begin architecture design. Take a trip.
    5. Year 5: Finish home. Take a trip.


For these scales, give a rating to each of your possible futures:

Private Investigator: 
1. Confidence
2. Satisfaction
3. Resources
4. Impact

9-5 Office Job:
1. Resources
2. Impact
3. Confidence
4. Satisfaction


1. Satisfaction
2. Confidence
3. Impact
4. Resources


This imagination session has helped me to realize there are more options out there for me. I do not have to be stuck in the same situation if I do not want to be. There are different options out there but only some will make me happy.

My main goal is to move to San Diego but it depends if I can find a job soon after graduation. I would like to become engaged with my boyfriend of almost four years. Ideally, I would like to follow him wherever he goes but it depends on my job, if I can find one. I would love for future number 3 to work out but since I have to pay off credit card debt, I am aiming for number 1.

Even after this project, I am still nervous and unsure. I hope that I make the best decisions for me and my future.


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