Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Patrick Williams

Exhibition Information

Artist: Patrick Williams
Exhibition: Revionist Present
Media: Acrylic and oil on canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: pwilliamsart
Instagram: pwilliamsart

About the Artist

The artist is pursuing their MFA in Project Exhibition at California State University, Long Beach. The purpose of their gallery is to explore the impact the internet and technology can have on art. As the artist wrote, “A digital file can be altered and edited indefinitely.” Through their work the artist also wanted to explore whether something is real or unreal, based on the digital world we live in.


Formal Analysis

The work is abstract due to its impressionist nature. There are straight line layered underneath splotches and strokes of paint. Some pieces have impressions of famous sculptures on the bottom layer. Others, are layered paint. There are loops and gradient swatches of paint. Some natural shapes are presented such squares and rectangles but they are not as frequent as the random swatches of paint.

Content Analysis

The pieces are intended to represent a digital image, edited and altered by some technique. From the shapes of the strokes and the square lines, it appears to be a representation of photoshop editing. With the click of a mouse, someone’s art can quickly become something else. There is no fine line between real and unreal because technology has allowed us to recreate indefinitely. Expressionism through a brushstroke is no longer significant as digital editing can create the same effects. The individualism in art is lost with digital editing.

Synthesis / My Experience

I really liked this artist’s work because it seemed “raw.” Above the painted sculpted images, there was something else going on. The artist’s meaning was well depicted in the pieces and I could see that he was struggling with a new vs. old idea. However, I thought the artist was trying to make a statement about the definition/perception of art. While old sculptures are beautiful, new, modern art is also just as important. Despite my different interpretation, the artist’s work still made me feel emotional through the use of colors and naturalness.


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