Wk10 – Art Experience – Architecture: The Wedge

I borrowed Glenn’s photo for an example of the current architecture. 🙂 I decided to work with the Upper Campus wedge since I have dealt with it on numerous occasions. If someone else is trying to walk through the wedge, one person will have to stop the let the others pass. If you are in a hurry or not paying attention, things can get a bit messy.

I still scratch my head wondering 1) what is its intended purpose and 2) who designed it to be so awkward. I mean its really awkward.. AKA really inconvenient. There are two options to deal with this architectural mess.

  1. Destroy it.
  2. Redesign it and move it.

Since we are encouraged to keep it to appease some alumni whom will likely never donate a dime back to campus (jk), I have decided to redesign it and move it.

Part of the problem is also the parallel concrete benches. They need to be moved as well. Oh, and that random white column.. Again, why?

I broke up the chunk of granite and turned it into separate pieces. One piece of marble stays on the same side, except it will be centered. The other will be parallel and face the first. Then a triangle roof will be placed on top of the granite pieces. The triangle will be a mini version of the campus pyramid. One of the concrete benches will be moved somewhere else on campus because no uses it and one will stay in the same place.

By breaking the granite up, space will created so that more than one person can fit through the upper campus “wedge.”

A year from now, the students will appreciate the new architecture because it alleviates the clutter they had to walk through.


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