Wk9 – Artist Conversation – May Roded

Exhibition Information

Artist: May Roded
Exhibition: Anamesis
Media: Mixed-Media, Printmaking, Paper, Ink, Canvas, Photography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

About the Artist

May is a senior at California State University, Long Beach who is pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Printmaking. While her exhibit is about memories, May uses memories as inspiration for her everyday work. She likes to work with memories in different way. She wants to understand what they are, what they mean, and how they can be interpreted in different ways. May also enjoys photography and likes to explore it in addition to her major.


Formal Analysis

Most of the artist’s work in the gallery consist of print making pieces. The different techniques for the pieces include Lithograph, Cyanotype, relief print and reductive relief print.

There printed pieces of objects are black and white while the canvas’s are blue. Her other printed images consist of a colorful image of a young girl.The mixed media piece consists of wood, blue material, metal, and other medias.

Content Analysis

A few years ago, her parents sold off their house and belongings, and moved to Israel. The pieces in this gallery represents what the artist was left with when her parents left, memories or anamnesis. The artist wanted to explore the ideas of memories and the objects within those memories. She “pulled” out some of the objects from her memories such as a chair and clock and created printmaking pieces of them (not pictured).

The three blue tinted canvas pieces are images printed with Cyanotype. The outer photographs are of the artist’s grandparents and the inner photograph is one the artist took near the same location in Israel where the first two were taken.

Synthesis / My Experience

The artist’s desire to explore what memories mean resonate with me as I also question them myself. Watching my grandfather disintegrate from Alzheimers disease had an affect on the way I perceive memory and life. I watched as he struggled to make sense of the past and of the current time. In small moments, his memories would come back but then they would disappear. He would grow frustrated unable to understand why he couldn’t remember.

So, I love what the artist has done with her memories. She has brought them and the objects within them to life. If we could create our memories as the artist has done here, should we?



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