Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Duy Vu

Duy can be pronounced Do-yee or You-ee because Vietnam has a big “D” or little “d” annunciation. I decided to go with the later pronunciation because that’s how Duy says it is intended to be said.

From first glance, Duy seems quiet, nice and a little shy. Behind his quietness is a wonderful person with an interesting story of immigration.

Duy is eighteen years old. He is a freshman and Computer Science major. He was born in Saigon, Vietnam but migrated with his family to the United States eight years ago. He lives in Garden Grove with his family and has a younger sister. We talked about his immigration experience some but found politics to be a more interesting topic! He is very open to learning about all political views. He demonstrates his willingness to learn through his own political research.

Aside from researching politics, Duy is a big gamer. His favorites games are League of Legends and Overwatch. He prefer video games that are animation/cartoon based. He decided on his major because he loves to play video games. When I asked about his future post-BS, he said he would like to work on his own creating games but he may try to work for a cooperation. Naturally, he is unsure.

He enjoys the TV show Sherlock on Netflix but he does not have a favorite movie. His favorite animal is a wolf! That is pretty cool!


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