Wk8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

This was a fun experience as I haven’t finger painted since my younger days, probably Kindergarten days! As Glenn said it would be, the experience was very relaxing. I just let my fingers slide across the paper until I decided to start tapping my fingers against the paper. I liked what that technique produced so I kept going! I believe my final piece is very abstract!

I “borrowed” acrylic paint from my boyfriend’s collection for this art experience. His collection mainly consists of neutral and primary colors. I was drawn to red, blue, and this off white yellowish paint because they remind me our national flag.

In my mind, I titled my piece “What It’s Like to Be American” because of the colors I chose. As I painted, I was reminded of all I’ve learned in college about the United States. I remembered what the colors represent and what we are taught to believe they represent.I have always been a patriotic nationalistic person because I loved this country. I still love this country. As a political science major, I have come to learn about our country in its glory days and in its darkest moments.

Through my higher education, I realized our nation isn’t as great as I once thought it was. What comes to mind is this small list:

America is racist.

America allowed slavery.

America instigated international military coups.

America has started wars that cannot be finished.

America has bombed countries.

But I also remember what I used to believe as a little girl. This other small list comes to mind:

America is ever-changing.

America believes in hope.

America fights for freedom.

America has produced some of the greatest people, ideas, and innovations in the world.

America is great.

America is great. Not because of its history, its racism, or its constant international intervention but because of its resilience and ability to evolve. So, I wanted to incorporate everything I have learned into the piece. Instead of words, I allowed my fingers to speak for me.

We all bleed red and sometimes blue.


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