Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Yuritzi Chavez

I am glad I had the opportunity to do the classmate conversation with Yuritizi this week because we formally met. I have seen her throughout the galleries and I did not know who she was. Thankfully, I know now and I can introduce her to the awesome people I have already met!

Yuritizi is giggly and bubbly. She has an upbeat personality that can make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

She is a third year student pursuing a BA in Human Development. She hopes to become a Physician Assistant soon. Our similarities include our ethnicity and our love for hiking (YAY)! We both do not work but have plenty experience working seasonal retail!

Her favorite activities include hiking, trying new foods, visiting new places, and traveling. Her television preference is law and court case television. She likes to watch documentaries such as the new OJ Simpson one and “Killing a Murderer.” She said the law is interesting but also flawed. When asked why she doesn’t become an attorney, she said, “I couldn’t.” IMG_8645.jpg


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