Wk6 – Art Experiences – Zines & Flip Books


First lesson, computer paper and watercolor paint do not mix. Second lesson, I should plan out space/line lettering better. Third lesson, you rock.

What was the meaning behind this zine you may ask? Well, I wanted to tell a story with the use of watercolor. I didn’t have a story line so I just painted what I felt first and then added words after. I know the story is kind of depressing but I like it. I went with some emotions and just let the words hit paper. I wanted to incorporate a lot of different colors so I tried to use as many as I liked for the “theme” of the story.

I really enjoyed this project. I felt like I really got to explore who I was with this small book. There is something about watercolor that I love. It just feels so natural to me.


One thought on “Wk6 – Art Experiences – Zines & Flip Books

  1. Beautiful work Gabriella! 😀

    You should do more.

    You can get nice watercolor paper in the CSULB Art Store (or any other art store or online)

    And have your same lovely painting look even better on vibrant watercolor paper. And I can show you how to sew your binding instead of staple it, if you like. Staples work, obviously, but sewing is really easy and, like your watercolor painting, much more elegant.


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