W5 – Artist Conversation – Molly Ramage

Exhibition Information

Artist: Molly Ramage
Exhibition: Sleep Sweat
Media: Printmaking, Collage, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Animation
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Molly Ramage is a third year student pursuing her BFA in Printmaking. Her interests include her three year old daughter and creating prints. Her work explores the ideas of dreams and the naturalness that is found within those dreams. She always enjoyed art but did not take it seriously until she began taking classes for her BFA.


Formal Analysis

The artist’s work mainly consists of printmaking on paper. Other pieces found within the gallery are a short animation made from still images she drew, two sculptures, and other mixed media pieces. Some pieces are drawings while others are collages consisting of many medias such as nail polish, paint, pencil and cuts-outs. The artist said some of her pieces were made with paint, texture paint, glue, pen and other varying processes.

There are many different colors incorporated throughout the gallery. Some images are black and white, drawn from pencil, while others are mixed with bright colors and black and white. Some pieces have muted colors while others are vibrant. The sculptures also consist of varying colors from black and white to red and green.

The figures in her drawings are not formed from perfect, straight edges, rather they are curved and crooked. There are faces and bodies of witches, men, women, children, and other images of scenery.

Content Analysis

The artist’s ideas are derived from her dreams and conscious. She likes to sleep and pulls what she sees in her dreams to create her art. Everything she creates is natural to who she is. The way she creates is natural and not forced. All of her pieces are about emotions and feelings. The only pieces created with the gallery in mind were the sculptures. Everything else is from her mind.

Her art is character based and can be described as illustration. She said she identifies with at least one of the characters in each of her drawing. When asked whether her art can be described as “nightmare-ish” she said “yes.”

Synthesis / My Experience

I enjoyed this artist’s gallery because it explored ideas that can only be explained from the artist’s dreams. Some of the pieces seemed childlike while others were mysteriously deep. The range of colors was fascinating to try to understand. The pieces that incorporated dark, or muted colors, made me feel dark and moody. I was taken to a new depth with the pieces of darker colors. They made me feel emotions just as the artist had hoped.

My ID card group and I decided to depict the main bed sculpture because something about the image resonated in each of us. For me, the image of a child sleeping on the bed, atop monsters under the bed reminded me of memories I had as a child. I was always fearful of something under the bed, in the closet, or outside my window. I was afraid of what I could not see. However, as I describe the artist’s work, I noticed the contrast between the starch white color of the bed and the child and the black monsters underneath the bed. Perhaps, as Glenn thought, the piece is about goodness conquering the demons.



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