Wk5 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

My boyfriend was chosen as tribute for this art experience. Unfortunately, I did not have Daiso oil crayons on hand so a sharpie became my weapon of choice. Without a table in our apartment, the floor with my comfy kitchen mat (available at Costco) was our best workspace. We laughed for a second and then let our hands relax. They shot off and we zoomed around first making circles and then other shapes. We did not have any expectations of shapes or lines. It was hard to keep the sharpie in my hand because we moved our hands quickly. Once we were done, I found the piece “needed something” and went to work.

Where the sharpie fell out of my hand, I connected some of the outer lines to lines extending the edge of the paper. I like when the lines meet the edge. It feels safe. Once I finished making lines, I thought deeply about what to do next. My choices for color were between squishing strawberries for natural color or to use watercolor. Since I love watercolor, I went with the (sometimes) cleaner option. I accepted the fate of the poor and very expensive, BFK paper and went with what I was feeling.

I like the end result. It is very abstract. I usually do not work with lines or specific shapes because I prefer to paint animals and people. I know everything is a shape, but these shapes felt so unnatural. The paper did not absorb the water very well so the paper began to peel before I had two strokes across the paper. It was hard to work with but I managed to (almost) stay in the lines!

Overall, it was a fun experience. I’m sure BFK is awesome with other medias!


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