Wk4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

My package is for my mom who lives in Bakersfield, CA. She has a hate/love relationship with mail because she is a mail carrier for the USPS. I thought I’d send it to her anyway.

Sending someone an ACP is different than sending a Snapchat because the ACP is permanent and real. There is nothing like receiving a surprise package in the mail addressed to you and only you. Sure, a Snapchat can be sent straight to you but it is just a temporary image that will be deleted in ten seconds.

To be honest, I had never heard of the word until we had to do this art experience. I am still not certain about its definition. It seems to have a negative connotation. The older something gets, the more valuable it seems to me. I would love to see my gandma’s parking ticket, movie stub, or paycheck from fifty years ago. It is history and vintage. In the next fifty years, something like that might seem like crap. I hope my memories mean something to my grandchildren.

There is no difference. The art is being created by you and that is its purpose. It does not need to be in a gallery to be considered “art.” Would Van Gogh’s work still be art if it was not in a gallery?

I love that it can time to receive! Something does not have to be received fast, to be more important! Good things take time (JK, I do like this quote though). Fast is not necessarily better, but it certain circumstances, it is important.

I prepare meals with love all the time! I live with my boyfriend and pour my soul in the food I cook for us. I am actually bummed when he does not like my food. Similarly, ACP’s are full of such love. I took the time to find and make articles to be mailed to my mom. They are full of as much love as if I was home cooking her a meal. Everything in my package meant something to me and it is more sentimental than a Snapchat.

My package includes a quick note about what the package is, handwritten quotes for my mom, a watercolor painting I never finished of her cat (I begged for PK – Pretty Kitty), a map of the Santa Monica mountains, and some other stuff she might like. She will certainly be surprised when she finds this in the mailbox!


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