Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Sarina Chan

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sarina Cyphon Chansy. The link to her blog is https://schansy.wordpress.com

Her uplifted personality and constant giggles made my day.

As I started to spell out her name, she was surprised to find I knew how to spell it. Lucky for her, my sister has the same name with the same exact spelling! It was nice to find a small connection that reminded me of home (thanks Sarina).

During our conversation, we discussed her freshman experience and the struggle to become independent. She found it was hard to no longer have someone there to help you constantly. I kindly offered my senior advice and was glad to help someone who was interested.

She wants to become a social worker after she receives a degree in social work. She quickly explained her life story and connected specific experiences to career choice. The center of her goal is to help children.

Random facts about Sarina include: A) Her favorite color is aqua and she believes it is different than turquoise (mine).  B) She LOVES dogs. She has three dogs. C) Her favorite movie is The Little Rascals.



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