Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – La Rosa

Exhibition Information

Artist: La Rosa
Exhibition: La Rosa
Media: Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint, Mixed-Media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: larosabird.co
Instagram: larosa.artist

About the Artist

La Rosa is a third year undergraduate student pursing a degree from the School of Art. Before changing his major, he was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts from the School of Business. He changed his major declaration after he found himself through his art. His work explores a vast array of ideas including love, broken love, emotions, flaws, and beauty in those flaws.

Formal Analysis


There are no straight lines in the art. There are different shapes, lines, and images. The art depicts flowers, birds, women, people, moments in time. The color scheme includes Pinks, Purples, Blues, Peach, and dark tones such as black, grey and mauve.

The artist explored different medias. Most of the pieces consisted of acrylic on canvas surrounded by large, dramatic frames. Other pieces used stencils, watercolor, candle wax, spray paint, or cassette tapes even. Tape was seen throughout the pieces and as “labels” for some pieces.

Content Analysis

The art is about emotions. It explores what it means to feel love and then to have it taken away. It is about love and broken love. The artist explored his own ideas when he explained, “flawed things can be beautiful.”The art is intended to play on emotions and every piece is intended to derive an emotion. Overall, the pieces are about love.

The artist explained his art was not necessarily “hip” or “modern” when presented with these ideas. However, he does find some inspiration from Tumblr. The artist would consider his art contemporary but would not categorize it as a specific genre.

While interviewing the artist, I saw a tattoo on his wrist. I instantly remembered the same “XOXO” on one of his pieces. I asked what the image meant to him and he quickly said, “Pursue and chase beauty and to love.”

Synthesis / My Experience

I had already decided I liked this artist’s work when I began a conversation with another classmate. I explained to her I how I liked the work but I could not describe why. It resonated with something inside of me. Yet, I could not understand why. She described the work as “modern” or as something you could see on Tumblr. It appeared to be “hip” and something millennials could identify with. It looks like graphic design I see on social media, advertisements, a t-shirt from Forever 21.

It felt normal to me and I liked it. His art is something I see inside myself. It was colorful and bright with tones of darkness to contrast. He had beautiful sketched, and then painted flowers with a taped cigarette. It was beauty juxtaposed with destruction and I loved it.

It reminded me of a quote I always carry with me from a French play I learned in high school. The protagonist had an unbearably large nose and could not be loved because of his “flaw.” To quote the character or someone else from the play, “Beauty is an accident of nature that will soon pass away.” Some things can only be beautiful for a small moment in time. If we only find beauty in the obviously beautiful things, we will miss out on more than we will ever know.


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