Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Nestor Peralta

Nestor and I totally forgot to take pictures! We were way too excited to share our landscape ideas. Whoops!

Nestor’s wordpress link is nestorperaltablog.wordpress.com! Go check him out!

He is a Cal Bio major (something to do with biology he said) and he is a third year student. After graduation he plans on going to medical school. He has not decided on which medical schools he is going to apply to but he hopes he can attend.

He was raised in Cyprus and currently lives there. He does not have a favorite TV show but his favorite color is blue. We discussed our current employment and I was surprised to find out he is a truck driver! What a tough job, Nestor. Stay safe out there, please.

When asked if he has a life motto that he goes by, he said he could not think of anything at the moment. I hope he thinks of something soon! We all need a little something to get us by when life gets hard!

I’ll share mine in the meantime – “This too shall pass.”


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