Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

I am a dead girl.

My first idea for this week’s art activity was to die by a dream come true. What does that mean you ask? Well, I have a deep love for furry (domestic) animals and I wanted to center the activity on animals somehow. I had decided on being licked and smothered to death by dogs.

Backstory of first idea goes something like this.. I was a volunteer at an animal shelter. One day when I was volunteering, all of the shelter dogs managed to escape their kennels and run outside. I happened to be outside, working with another dog when all of the loose dogs ran to me. Of course, I was the most loved human at the shelter so the dogs flocked to me. I was then smothered and licked to dog by the many, many dogs at the shelter. However, when I started to think about photographing my corpse, the idea didn’t seem so perfect anymore. I didn’t know where I could borrow twenty dogs from for a five minute picture and I didn’t know how physically create a thousand lick wounds (or a smashed body).

Then, I came up with another based on what I had discussed with my new friend Ryanne from class. She had mentioned the idea of a tub or a pool and couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I love to take baths with bath bombs and to drink wine. I figured one day I may just die in my Lush bath bomb filled tub while drinking wine. As you can tell from the picture, my tub is full of alcohol bottles because I will die from alcoholism and too many bath bombs.

I really enjoyed this activity. I love the way my corpse came out in these pictures!


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