Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Maria Romo

On Wednesday, Coach Glenn described a term known as homophilic. He explained we are drawn to people who look like us for some psychological reasons I won’t explain here. I suppose I sat next to Maria because, A) she was also wearing glasses, and B) she is also Latina, and C) there weren’t many other seats open.

No matter our physical similarities, we had a great conversation!

Maria described the color red as “panic.” She said it was “not anger but mass feeling of panic and not knowing what to do with it.” She subjectively described it as not romanic but more awkward. She said, “You don’t know what to do about it and you don’t know how to describe it.”

I also asked her: “What major are you? What year?” She explained she was a first year Psychology student. Her favorite movie are either whiplash or lalaland. She does not have a favorite book but she does have a favorite artist. She really enjoys Van Gogh’s art and I can see why based on her description of the color red.

I then decided to ask her what she was most looking forward to this semester. She responded with “tough question because I have no expectations.” I think that was a great response because we are often disappointed by having expectations. Sometimes it is best to let life happen without any expectations clouding our perception.

It was wonderful to meet Maria. I hope to work with her more this semester!



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